Food aid for Farmer in Schweizer-Reneke

January 27, 2016

I don`t think the people of South Africa truly understand how desperate and critical the situation is with farmers in our country. In fact , we were mortified when we came to realize just how desperate the situation is. Something had to be done!!

A group of people came together to assist farmers who’s live stock are struggling to survive in this drought.

The farmers in Schweizer-Reneke started the project by contacting farmer in Standerton who kindly donated 300 bales of food. The next challenge was to organize transport. Chris Huysamen from Bras Trucking immediately dispatched one of his truck to collect the first load.

Anria van Heerden from the Caring Daisies was approached for assistance for the balance of the transport need and requested assistance on Social media.

Within half an hour Vibro Bricks contacted her and made 10 of their fleet of trucks available at no cost. The diesel costs however was still a challenge and with so many trucks, it amounted to more than R80 000. The Caring Daises  came to the rescue and offered to cover R60 000 of the costs while Fast Freight offered to cover the balance of R20 000.

The convoy of trucks left Standerton Early this morning and should be on route between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp now.

Although we are filled with joy in the success of this project, we are saddened at the same time when we speak to farmers, and they spontaneously start to cry when they explain to us how their animals are dying by the minute.

It is however heartwarming to see normal South African Citizens come to together to assist in time of need.

For more information, please follow the following Facebook profiles

  • Caring Daisies
  • Anria van Heerden
  • Adam Tas

This project has now gone viral with many farmers making food available and more farmers contacting us for assistance.


Adam Tas is also planning a massive concert in Pretoria together with the Caring Daisies to aid farmers in distress.  As soon as the detail of the concert becomes available, we will use social media to communicate it to the public.